Estate Planning

We believe the most important goal addressed in this process is the protection of your family’s assets. We can help you organize your affairs and maintain control of your assets. You can use our reports and recommendations with your estate planning attorney to draft documents to help reduce the costs of administering your estate. Even if you are not subject to estate taxes or the tax rates drop, it is still important for a family to carefully consider the future distribution of your estate. 

At Canby Financial, we consider all aspects of family protection.

  • To help ensure that a surviving spouse and children will be provided for by analyzing the sources of liquid assets to meet both short- and long-term needs. Are there other members of the family one wishes to assist financially? Different family members may need different methods of support.

Organized Plan

  • There is enough chaos at the time of a death. Are the documents structured to provide a methodology that facilitates the family needs?

Maintain Control

  • Reducing your estate through gifting can mean you lose control of the assets gifted. We evaluate methods that allow you to continue to control your own legacy.

Cost Reduction

  • Proper structure can help reduce tax costs and avoid the probate process.

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